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When looking to improve their business dealers often rely on data and metrics for answers. Though numbers may seem to show where a business is failing or succeeding dealers often have a difficult time accurately analyzing the information they are receiving and therefore incorrectly assess their situation. With the help of trained SEO and SEM experts car dealer metrics can be utilized to significantly enhance business models and make immense improvements to online advertising, saving dealers time, money, and hassle.

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Gathering the correct data and metrics is key. Many dealers do not know which metrics provide the greatest insight when it comes to their online marketing strategies. SEO experts understand the numerous factors in online advertising campaigns and can, therefore, better analyze metrics. By looking at factors such as which sources produce the most leads or which sources drive more traffic SEO professionals can help strategically alter a dealer’s current marketing plan to create better ROI.

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Many dealers think increased web site traffic and lead generation indicate that their SEM strategies are working. What many dealers do not realize is that even if their SEM is producing results, those results might not be optimal. For example, the volume of leads submitted may be low compared to traffic, certain keywords may be working well while others may hardly be generating any traffic, and certain ads may be producing traffic, but few actual leads. It is important that car dealer metrics are effectively interpreted by SEO experts, as this helps to improve conversion rates, drive traffic, and increase sales.

Valuable information about a dealer’s website and SEO campaigns can be revealed through the proper metrics. With the help of trained SEO professionals, this information can be harnessed to enhance a dealer’s online success. Unlike traditional marketing, effective search marketing allows dealerships to track the return of every dollar spent. One of the greatest benefits of online marketing is that it is the only form of advertising today that gives tangible results. Dealers can take advantage of this and leverage their web sites to attract not only more quantity but also better quality visitors that result in higher closing rates.

Dealers cannot measure the success or failure of marketing efforts based solely on the number of visitors to their sites, nor can they measure success solely through simple conversion tracking. Merely tracking metrics such as traffic and conversion does not provide a full picture of how all of the marketing elements are impacting their prospects. Car dealer metrics allow dealers to get a comprehensive understanding of their SEO efforts, and this information allows dealers to make strategic marketing decisions that can lead to increased traffic, leads, and sales while decreasing expenditure.

The advantages of online advertising are plentiful, not only do ads reach a far wider segment of target markets at a significantly lower cost than other forms of advertising, but it also enables businesses to track almost every click, link, and path potential customers take online. This allows SEO experts to determine which elements are working and which are not, and it also helps dealers to see where their dollars are producing the best results.

Overall it is impossible to get completely accurate data and metrics. Due to the significant indirect effects, online advertisements have on dealer walk-ins and phone traffic it is difficult to define where leads originate from and, therefore, which sources are producing the greatest return on investment. Trained SEO professionals are better able to account for these inaccuracies and make sense of acquired data. Metrics can show dealers numerous things, but without an understanding of how all the SEO elements interact with one another, it is impossible to know what the core issues are and how to fix them. Car dealer metrics is by no means an exact science, and it takes a learned professional to turn simple numbers into meaningful data.