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In the auto industry online marketing is of prime importance, and without a well-optimized site dealers are missing out on valuable traffic that would lead to higher conversion rates and increased sales. Automotive dealer sites today function as virtual showrooms. A dealer’s site is where most interested customers go to view inventory, research their preferred vehicles, and make important car buying decisions. By creating comprehensive SEO strategies that work to improve your dealership’s SERP rankings, expand brand awareness, and enhance the user experience, dealers will experience more traffic, higher conversion rates, and increased sales.

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Automotive dealer sites must be optimized for video, social media, and mobile technology to effectively compete in today’s market. With the help of a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable SEO consultant this task can be handled efficiently and produce exceptional results. SEO is constantly changing and is extremely tedious, intricate, and complex. Between the actual development of your automotive dealer site to the creation and implementation of a comprehensive SEM plan, it is essential that dealers hire trained online marketing specialists. By investing in your dealership’s SEO, you are helping to ensure its continued presence in the digital world and therefore its continued success.

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Websites for car dealers serve multiple purposes. They function as a way to market dealerships, relay vehicle information, and ultimately get potential customers to your lot. Automotive dealer sites must, therefore, be easy to navigate, interesting, and useful. By creating search specific landing pages with well-written and concise content, visitors will immediately receive the information they are looking for and be left with a positive first impression of the dealership. Having a URL isn’t enough, automotive dealer sites must provide potential customers with the experience and the information they are seeking to be effective. Ultimately, improving the functionality of websites can lead to higher visitor retention, more click-throughs, and increased website and showroom floor traffic.

Ideally, automotive dealer sites should do more than provide inventory lists and keyword laden content; they should help optimize other SEO elements as well. Incorporating social media into your dealership’s website can greatly improve SERP rankings and extend your market reach. Social media enables dealers to interact with potential and current customers in a unique manner. Dealers can respond to customer questions and concerns, promote new products, and offer tips and advice while simultaneously showcasing their customer service skills to current and potential customers. The ability to maintain positive customer relationships helps dealers earn repeat business. Return customers are a dealer’s greatest asset, and by sustaining a relationship after the sale is complete dealers are significantly increasing their chances of making subsequent sales.

Dealers today are faced with a new era of technology, and those who don’t adapt cannot and will not succeed. In the current digital world, it is essential that businesses connect with their target markets online. Automotive dealer sites optimized for search engine marketing are the wave of the future. Dealers must go where their customers are, and in the automotive world, that means online. Automotive dealer sites are the main pillars of a dealership’s online marketing mix and unless they are properly optimized these sites remain useless. With the help of SEO professionals, however, dealers can experience the benefits of online marketing to its fullest extent increasing profit margins and improving online visibility.