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Social media marketing is the wave of the future. As social media sites continue to grow so do the opportunities for dealer marketing. The ability to quickly engage with both current and prospective customers enables dealers to expand their market reach, increase brand awareness, and improve customer relations. Auto dealer social media marketing is becoming an integral part of SEO and dealers who fail to recognize its growing significance will be outperformed by their competition.

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Effective marketing plans strategically target prospective customers to improve campaign efforts. By using various social media sites, dealers can promote products and services differently based on the specific groups they are targeting. By tailoring campaigns according to which consumers they are targeting and which social media sites they are using, dealers will greatly improve campaign effectiveness and increase conversion rates. Dealer social media marketing offers a way for dealers to cost effectively target various market segments to enhance their overall marketing efforts.

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Social media is interactive and by effectively engaging with current and prospective customers dealers can establish relationships and build connections like never before. Through dealer social media marketing larger segments of target markets can be reached with less effort, at a lower cost, and with far better results than ever before. The internet provides car buyers today with unprecedented research opportunities and therefore an extreme market advantage. It is harder than ever to bring in new business, which is why retaining current customers are more crucial to a dealer’s success than ever before. Dealer social media marketing creates an opportunity for dealers to interact with their consumer base, sustain relationships, and improve customer service. By using social media platforms to address customer concerns or offer useful tips and advice dealers can help maintain positive consumer relations, contributing to create repeat customers and a better online reputation.

The first rule of PR is to take control of the message, which in today’s digital world means joining conversations on social media. Current and prospective customer reviews can easily make or break a business, especially in the auto industry. Without accurately monitoring your dealership’s online reputation it is impossible to mediate conversation and minimize the impact of negative reviews. Even if dealers are not on social media their customers are, and failing to respond to negative feedback can result in a substantial loss of business. Employing a full time professional to maintain your dealership’s reputation is an important investment in its future. Dealer social media marketing is about more than gaining Twitter followers and Facebook “likes”, it is about expanding your brand and maintaining its reputation. Enacting effective reputation management strategies is an essential part of comprehensive and well-executed dealer social media marketing.

Overall, dealer social media marketing is a cost-effective way to expand your market reach, improve customer relations, enhance your online reputation, and increase sales. Social media helps dealers to improve their online visibility, expand their consumer base, and attract more leads. As social media marketing continues to grow so do opportunities for branding, generating leads, and engaging customers. With well-developed and maintained social media marketing plans dealers can experience higher traffic, conversion rates, and ROI, helping to grow their businesses and improve bottom lines.