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One of the best ways today to improve your dealership’s SERP ranking is through the use of video. Google is constantly looking to improve user experience, which is why as social media popularity grew, so did its effect on SEO. The video is quickly becoming the wave of the future and searches engine sites know it. SEM videos, almost more than any other SEO factor, have the ability to significantly impact SERP rankings. The video is far more captivating to users than banner advertisements, attractive web designs, and at times even written content. The video has the power to captivate new target market segments, ones that were previously unattainable or uninterested in other online mediums. By utilizing SEM videos, your dealership will experience much higher results page rankings, higher traffic, and higher conversion rates.

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Creating fresh, original content is vital in SEO. This holds true with video content as well. Though still in its infancy, video search optimization is growing rapidly. Each day more users acquire broadband access, and many sites are already highly optimized for videos, such as sports broadcasting and news sites. Ultimately online videos are far more than a good way to kill time; they are a fantastic medium through which to educate customers, expand market reach, drive traffic to dealer sites, and increase sales. Regardless of its direct impact on SERP rankings, if the video content is not compelling and share-worthy, it is not worth making. A huge factor in SEO is inbound links, which have a disproportionate effect on boosting SERP rankings. Through the use of social media, dealers can promote their SEM videos, and subsequently increase the number of inbound links to their site.

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SEM videos are optimized in much the same way as websites. Because search engines cannot analyze the video’s content, they examine other factors to determine what the video is about. The proper keywords must be used in the video title, on page content, and video description for search engines to accurately analyze and rank videos. Although there is less competition when it comes to SERP rankings for videos, the same skill, knowledge, and experience are needed to develop effective SEO that will help bring your dealership to the top of the results pages.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of achieving high results page rankings is with well optimized SEM videos. Video content receives prime SERP real estate, appearing on page one prominently above the fold. Because there is relatively minimal video content for dealerships on the web, there is less competition when it comes to visibility. Additionally, when video content is produced and posted it is often poorly optimized, tagged, and referenced, making the minimal content that is available tough for search engines to index.

If search engines cannot identify the content and correctly associate it with correct and relevant search terms, then this content will not help increase your website’s SERP rankings. Ultimately this new medium is providing businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to enhance online visibility, expand their brand, and improve their SEM. Well developed SEM videos enable dealerships to drive traffic, leads, and sales. SEM consultants can help dealers integrate these videos with the rest of their online marketing efforts, maintain a constant marketing message across all platforms, and utilize other SEO elements to further enhance video effectiveness.

Although there is no quick fix when it comes to improving your dealer’s SEO, video SEM can have a significant impact on SERP rankings in a relatively short amount of time. The benefits of SEM videos are countless, it is a cost effective and simple way for dealers to reach larger segments of their target markets, boost SERP rankings, expand brand awareness, drive online traffic, and so much more. SEM videos are the wave of the future and dealers today have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. By taking advantage of this incredible SEO tool dealers can experience the incredible effects video content has on online marketing and truly benefit from the results.