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When a consumer has an idea or vision on what they want, they research the idea, then when satisfied with what they have found they gain the intent to make a purchase. Consumers looking to buy something go through a series of on-line research phases. This is called the funnel process. As the customer goes through these sequences on their journey towards buying a product or service their actions can be tracked. When they are past the research phase and actively looking to make a purchase they are in a phase and category called In-Market Audiences.

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In-Market Audiences are ready to purchase your company's specific products or services. An In-Market Audience can be targeted and presented your Internet ads at the top of the results of their search page results, making your company the first one they see.

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Using In-Market Audience targeting significantly increases traffic onto your website, raises your profit margin and delivers a higher ROI. Your website will be heavily trafficked by potential customers that are ready to buy what you are offering from the influential influx created by In-Market Audience targeting.