Hey! We sell cars the old fashion way!

By posting your new, used and certified inventory to classified websites that you’re not currently listed on. It’s just that simple, and worth a 10-minute phone call to see exactly what we’re doing. Immediate, fully transparent, fully trackable results within 24 hours.


After collecting automotive relevant domain names for the past 15 years, we now own the largest library in the industry. We have taken these domains and turned them into cutting edge user friendly classified websites. Fully functional across all devices, our classified websites match exact search phrases that ready to purchase buyers are typing when searching for cars in their area. These classified websites act as a qualifying funnel, with the end results being 1st generation leads sent directly to dealerships main CRMs. We target users in our clients primary marketing areas via zip code and are able to effectively draw customers to them and away from their competition.

We do not capture and resell customer information on these sites, we actually drive the user directly to the dealers main website. Here they are able to interact directly with the dealer about a vehicle they currently have in stock. We have effectively removed the middle man, and the benefits translate to both the users and the dealer. The users enjoy spending time browsing our beautifully designed web pages. And the dealer no longer has to share their leads with competing dealers like they did with typical 3rd party lead platforms.



THINK  Search Engine for Cars

100%  Transparent


Our service websites are able to connect dealerships with real time users in need of certified dealers and their service centers. We target these users in our client’s area and send them directly to their service center pages within their main website. This way users are able to schedule service, or order parts immediately. We track all of these users and report the results of our efforts to dealerships on a monthly basis.



We connect dealerships and their banks, with real time users in their area in need of financing. They can apply for a loan and get affordable financing while dealers experience no third-party interference, just a direct relationship.


Using our proprietary targeting practices we find local users looking to sell their car, while also looking to get the best price possible, and connect them directly to our dealerships. Our state of the art websites make the users feel at ease without bombarding them with competitor advertisements.


Users who aren’t quite ready to browse actual vehicles on a classified site often do research on the individual brands and select models. Our dealers also receive customized manufacturer quality research pages specific to their brands. These research pages also link directly to the dealers main site, and help to funnel, local users doing their research, directly the dealership. They are able to learn all the information about each model and then quickly visit a dealer who has that model in stock via links on the research pages.


Your Dealer Listed Everywhere!

Our user friendly directory sites connect dealerships and local buyers. We use the same strategy and process to pin point users who are trying to find dealers in their area. We then through a series of links, funnel those users directly to our client's main websites, where they then can browse through inventory and contact the dealer directly.


We only care about one thing... Results!

More Visibility,
More Cars Sold

Your inventory listed on hundreds of sites means more hooks in the water, and more chances to make a sale!

More Conversions,
Higher ROI

With the highest conversion rates in the industry, your budget with us with make you more money!

Performance Based,
Fully Tracked

All traffic is fully tracked and dealers are only charge per click. NO hidden fees! Only real, direct engagement!

Our World Class Websites Create Conversions!

Vin Ads reaches your target audience every time an on-line query search matches your relevant auto brand, car services and products. The most persuasive platform to have your car inventory seen on is the Internet. Auto dealers, if selling cars is your priority, you need to launch a Vin Ads digital marketing campaign. Think of an arrow hitting the bullseye mark, this is what Vin Ads can do when aiming your Dealer PPC Ad Campaign at your target audience. More importantly, you only pay for consumers that click on your Dealer Pay Per Click Ad.